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Software Maintenance & Support Services

Every company is required to have Application Support and Maintenance, to guarantee that the business applications run efficiently and are error free. We offer reasonably priced and dependable post-delivery Application Support and Maintenance Services covered under stringent SLA practices.

Once your application goes live we can help you by providing the best application maintenance services so that, you can pay attention on building up more business for your application. With a dedicated Support & Maintenance team, we have gathered extensive experience in the application support and maintenance of complex applications.

Delicatetech’s Application Support makes sure that your business applications are handled and run flawlessly to offer stable and high performance platform. Our exhaustive set of frameworks, proven methodologies, 24/7 support, process compliance and domain expertise help our clients achieve:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Better operational capabilities and decreased price by reducing the number and time-span of business-critical application outages.
  • Best use of refined productivity for strategic initiatives.

We can provide:

  • Dedicated teams with the ability to ramp-up and down quickly
  • Professional knowledge transfer
  • Application maintenance: incident resolution and bug-fixes
  • Application enhancement: minor feature changes and request for change (RFC) Implementations, Functional Enhancements
  • Reliable processes for requests and service management

Our professional, experienced maintenance and enhancement teams are highly cost-effective and adaptive. We can guarantee service quality by using service level metrics, and you can motivate your team by liberating them from mundane maintenance/enhancement work and focusing them on new strategic initiatives, maximizing their value to your company.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at We will respond within one business day.

Why Delicatetech?

  • Strong communication process
  • 10+ Years Offshore Software Development
  • 10 Work Days no reason to refund
  • 5 Work Days Free Trial
  • Cost effective IT solutions
  • Strong Data & IP Protection
  • Professional development team


  • "Having worked closely with Delicatetech over one year, we have been very pleased with the cooperation. I think both sides have had to learn about how to work together, both between cultures and between technologies. I will be hoping to work again with Delicatetech in the future."
    Will Marston, President
    Lollipop Animation, UK

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