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Delicatetech's 5 work days Free Trial Program allows you to work with your chosen developer without any payment or signing a contract. During the days, you will be able to determine if the developer is a good fit for your team. If the developer is a good fit, we move into the full contract period and the developer will join your team; if not, we can recommend another developer and continue the process.

The trial project: you are welcome to take a typical part of your outsourcing software, like a module or a function point that need developing to evaluate the chosen developer as a trial project to learn about our working method, development efficiency and other capabilities you concern.

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Delicatetech looks at long term cooperation with companies that has ongoing and continuous outsourcing needs. The Free Trial is not applicable to short term and one-off software development requirements, and Delicatetech reserves the right to reject offering the free trial.

Why Delicatetech?

  • Strong communication process
  • 10+ Years Offshore Software Development
  • 10 Work Days no reason to refund
  • 5 Work Days Free Trial
  • Cost effective IT solutions
  • Strong Data & IP Protection
  • Professional development team


  • "Having worked closely with Delicatetech over one year, we have been very pleased with the cooperation. I think both sides have had to learn about how to work together, both between cultures and between technologies. I will be hoping to work again with Delicatetech in the future."
    Will Marston, President
    Lollipop Animation, UK

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