hotel management system

A Hotel Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS) for Holiday Inn Sheffield, UK


Web and mvc development, Telerik KendoUI, Agile Scrum, 1+ year cooperation, 3 member team, Agile practices, CMMS, Microsoft Azure cloud

The Client

Technica, the good customer in the UK, had experienced a very successful project with Delicatetech in the past. They understood Delicatetech to be a qualified software engineering provider, so had no hesitation in launching their second project with us.

Project Overview

The customer want to create a new class of apps for hotels. These are modular and encompass: Maintenance Management, HR and training, Document Management, Policy Process and Procedures, Reputation Management, internal processes to deal with issues and even remote sensing of devices like freezers.

This has been designed specifically to address the unique set of challenges that hotel HOD (head of departments) face: High staff turnover, little continuity in processes, constant reactive culture, apathy to documentation and chronic lack of time to learn and do better.

So our clients want to create new system to resolve those problems, And Optimize and simplify the management process.

Team Structure

1 Scrum master + 2 developers in Delicatetech, 1 Business Analyst (BA) and 1 Database Administrator (DBA) at the client's side

Main technologies

C#,, Telerik KendoUI, SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Azure

How we work

A team of 3 members was built and worked for the system development when the project started 1 years ago; it gradually reduced to 1 developers for system update and maintenance one year later after the system was getting online.

During the years, Technica and Delicatetech visited each other and worked face to face for months. Both of them have built full trust mutually.

Firstly, the Technica provides some requirements, and then scrum master arranges requirements, demands task priorities, discusses and analyzes requirements with developers and does estimate. The whole team works under Agile practices, keeps daily communication with client, such as, short daily stand-up meetings, for team members to share daily work and achievement , plan for tomorrow, questions/problems, etc.

The project keeps going under iterations and sprints, our team shows finished functions to client after each iteration, if the client has any new ideas or wants to do some adjustments, they will be included in the next iteration. With the development going on, our team gets better and deep understanding to the client's business, and gradually takes over the work of business analysis and database design and maintenance. After the system gets online, we solve problems and do changes timely once problems occur, and release a new version the next day.


Technica and Delicatetech worked hard together, we only use 6 months to develop the UAT version. Experienced engineer qualified to delivery on time. This management system has been designed and implemented to manage the hotel easily. Main functions:

  • Jobs management
  • Suppliers management
  • Visits management
  • Assets management
  • Schedule management
  • Certificates management
  • Documents management
  • Process management
  • Contracts management
  • Groups management
  • Permission management
  • Roles management
  • Users management
  • System settings
  • Chart Report

Why Delicatetech?

  • Strong communication process
  • 10+ Years Offshore Software Development
  • 10 Work Days no reason to refund
  • 5 Work Days Free Trial
  • Cost effective IT solutions
  • Strong Data & IP Protection
  • Professional development team


  • "Delicatetech worked for seven months to create from the ground up a web based app for the hospitality industry. His ability to work from minimal instructions and his work ethic are very strong. He always produced very high quality work, and responded to our constantly changing spec with effective code. He also created a mobile version of the tool. We used multiple Azure products along with a big set of external services and tools to realise this application. These were all studied rapidly by Delicatetech team and integrated seamlessly. His level of response to any bug was exemplary. I would count Delicatetech team as an asset to any project you may want to develop, either as a fully outsourced resource or as an extension of you existing team. "
    Faris Haddad, CEO
    Technica Serve, UK

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