cash flow management system

Event registration management system for Volkswagen Group China


Spring MVC, Hibernate, Agile Scrum, 6 months cooperation, 4 member team, Agile practices, dynamic form, Voting management, Survey management

The Client

Volkswagen Group is one of the earliest and most successful international partners of China’s automobile industry. The Group has grown together with China’s auto industry, overcoming many challenges and achieving significant growths, during the 30 years’ partnership with China.

Project Overview

Every year VGC is building new registration websites for each event opening to VW China employees. These websites have different platforms, styles, databases which were hosted by the vendors. It is difficult to manage, store, trace and analyze registration data, and also has the information security risks, because we are disclosing the internal data to the external vendors.

ERS is a new platform that built in VGC private clouds, it enables event manager to create and manage registration website for all kinds of internal events. It also provides data report, statistic and archive functions to analyze and review event details.

Team Structure

1 Business Analysis + 2 intermediate developers in Delicatetech + 1 UI developer

Main technologies

Java, Spring MVC, JQueryUI, Oracle, Single sign-on

How we work

On client's side the roles are Business Analyst, QA Manager.

After carefully studying client's development schedule, development methods and the roles involved, Delicatetech adapted the service delivery model to match the project size and time line.

The clients Business Analyst gathers business requirement, and documents them for the offshore Delicatetech team. Project leader and lead developers assess requirements and prioritize the top 20% to establish the main software framework. Work products are then allocated and the whole team collaborates at optimizing the solution architecture and developing modules against user stories / function points.

Quality & Efficiency
Continuous integration, unit testing, iteration prioritization, frequent delivery, defect correction, correction integration; all activities are professionally implemented against service level agreements to maintain agreed quality.

In accordance with Agile practice, each developer is expected to have a clear understanding of overall system objectives - everyone is involved in requirements discussions; everyone knows the whole project status and the current task board status - everyone is a project quality stakeholder.


A user friendly and secured application to better manage the events for VGC. In the meantime, we continue to manage any maintenance and optimization work for the cloud product. As always, our team maintains close communication with the client to provide the highest-quality service.
Main functions:

  • Events management
  • Theme management
  • Email template management
  • Voting management
  • Survey management
  • Gallery/Document management
  • Users management
  • Roles management
  • Permission management
  • Participant management
  • Reports management
  • System settings

Why Delicatetech?

  • Strong communication process
  • 10+ Years Offshore Software Development
  • 10 Work Days no reason to refund
  • 5 Work Days Free Trial
  • Cost effective IT solutions
  • Strong Data & IP Protection
  • Professional development team


  • "Delicatetech worked for seven months to create from the ground up a web based app for the hospitality industry. His ability to work from minimal instructions and his work ethic are very strong. He always produced very high quality work, and responded to our constantly changing spec with effective code. He also created a mobile version of the tool. We used multiple Azure products along with a big set of external services and tools to realise this application. These were all studied rapidly by Delicatetech team and integrated seamlessly. His level of response to any bug was exemplary. I would count Delicatetech team as an asset to any project you may want to develop, either as a fully outsourced resource or as an extension of you existing team. "
    Faris Haddad, CEO
    Technica Serve, UK

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